What your choice of green symbolizes about you in home decor

The green colour is one of the best colours to choose when it comes to home decor though it is rarely used. The green has much symbolism and reflects the personality of the person using the colour. It is complimentary with indoor gardens. The variety of light green shade gives rise to various green curtains to choose from.

When it comes to home decor we tend to pay a lot of attention and spend ample time deciding on the decor and design. The colour scheme and everything related has to be decided. Of course you can go for professional help but there is nothing more beautiful than adding personal touch to your home decor. Your personality gets induced in the house when you make the choices. Lime green curtains (http://www.curtainhomesale.com/green-curtains-c-44.html) are rare choice that you can make but can tell a lot about you.


You love earth and nature

When you are fond of green and use the colour in your home as well, it shows that you actually like to stay close to nature. The natural beauty attracts you and hence green is such an endearing colour to you.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Light green and shades of white together make a very soothing picture for you and when you use both of them in your home decor; it reflects your clean and systematic tendencies. The cleanliness and hygienic conditions are your best friends.

Lime green curtains

Compliments indoor plants

The green is particularly suitable with any type of indoor plant that you have at home. the green colour of the plant is complimented by the green of the curtains and wherever else you use the colour.

Green curtains variety

There are many variety of the lime green curtain and hence you should choose it rightly so they complement other colours in the home perfectly.