Blue and White Striped Curtains

Blue and white striped curtains are the main curtains colors in household decorations, which can give you the fresh and comfortable feelings, and also add the bright good points for you sweet home. The following information can help you choose the perfect curtains are easily.

Firstly, the development of the colors and fabrics of the curtains is very fast. Also the styles are very different and multiply, here we have classic style as well as the fashion styles. Any style you like you can find it at the market. But the blue and white striped curtains are the most sweet one for your house. It will make the room cute and vivid. You may have different feelings by such curtains, and you can experience the romantic and stylish moments.

Secondly, the fabrics for the curtains should be different according to different rooms. For example, the curtains for kitchen and bathroom need to be easy cleaning style, because such rooms are moist. Moreover, there are so many oil fouling in the kitchen. So the most important point for you is to choose the simple and practical curtains. However, the curtains in the living room and dining rooms should be high-end and exclusive. In fact, the living room is where we entertain the guests, which is very important for all of us.

Blue Color for Living Room

Thirdly, the choice for blue and white striped curtains in the bedroom is very good for sleeping. Such colors may give you the comfortable and warm feelings. For the same reason, the colors of the reading room curtains should also be modest, not too gorgeous. The curtains should be helpful for you to calming down, since study room is where you absorb the knowledge.

Forth, the curtains for study room should have good light transmission. You should keep the study room bright. The fabrics for curtains may be different because of different seasons. For summer, the air permeability should be excellent. For example, we can choose yarn fabric curtains for summer. For winter, we can choose some heavy curtains because we need to keep the warmth, and increase the temperature in the room. We have so many different choices for different seasons, since we have created so many fancy curtains.

The decorative effect and style can be different because of the different fabrics and colors. Most of all, the blue and white striped curtains can be the best, and make your room seems amazing.