How to have a sheer curtain for home decoration?

Lots of people are prefer to sheer curtain for home decoration for sheer curtain add a sense of mystery to interiors. In particular very special feeling it is when there is sunlight shine the house through by sheer curtain. What an amazing home it is. In order to have a special home atmosphere, how to make sheer curtain working for home decor? Just follow the following tricks:

Use sheer curtain to be home decor, can be a valance, with which can bright the home and makes home look more attractive. Mainly focus on transparent sheer curtain. The same rule can be used for sheer curtain selection that is sheer curtain fabric must can go well all decors in the room. Beside that, sheer curtain must fit the room style. Curtain should be wide and long as well as the window shape is. Better a little wider the window width. Valance is separated.


Sheer curtain generally speaking in white color or pure color. Sheer curtain mostly used a an overlay or under-draperies adorned with fabric curtain to have a double-layer appearance.

Because of the different material used to make sheer curtain. For winter and summer seasons, single layer is not good enough to home decor, better double-layer or adorned with fabric curtain.Usually, single sheer curtain is used for decorative achievement more than functional. The privacy protection or safer sheer curtains are those thick curtains.

sheer curtain